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DESCRIPTION FOR THE Can Am Commander Snorkel Kit:

Our Can Am Commander snorkel system is built with the same material and workmanship as our famous RZR kits. The installed kit blends right in with the stock roll cage, and is texture painted to match. Everything you need to put your machine in deep is included along with instuctions and diagrams to ease the installation process. The Arctic Thunder Kustoms snorkel kits do not effect the way the machine runs, so no fuel controllers or adjustment necessary. Minimal cutting and modifications are required to install the kit only to easily replacable components. Our kits are fully assembled, so all you have to do is bolt them on. You can do this in about 1-2 hours start to finish and your machine will be ready to go as deep as you dare - you may want to keep a life jacket on board!! My kits are priced higher than the rest because you get 3 times the product - literally. They are PRE-ASSEMBLED. They are PRESSURE TESTED for reliability. They are custom built to blend in with the stock roll bars. Simply put, they are THE best!! Oh and free shipping - no hidden cost!!


We only use ABS pipe. No matter how much you scratch this stuff it will stay black. My system is painted for UV PROTECTION of exposed parts and a clean look. As far as strength, the upper portions are clamped to the stock cage, for a rugged and rattle free installation. The systems themselves are very strong and near impossible to break when properly mounted. This kit will last you many years under normal use. In fact if you break any portion, I will send you a replacement. (up to 1 year from purchase date). The fittings we use are smooth radius/ minimal restriction for maximum cooling efficiency and HP! Other kits using tight radius fittings will rob your machine of power - Like pressure pvc - that stuff is designed for pumping water at high pressure, not feed and engine trying to suck air!! NOT GOOD!


I am a Master plumber by trade, and have been building custom everything for 20 years. These snorkel kits are built with the best workmanship you will find, all pieces are cut on a chop saw - square, then chamfered and beveled for a perfect fit in each fitting. After each section is assembled, it is pressure tested to insure there are no leaks - could you imagine?!? And that's right I said ASSEMBLED!! Your kit will arrive ready to bolt on - no need to buy glue, and align fittings.




DISCLAIMER:  Do not operate the machine through water deeper than the manufacture recommends. Any operation beyond the manufactures recommendation is at YOUR OWN RISK. I accept no liability as to the performance of this product, or your safety, it is intended only to convey clean cool air to the machines vitals drawn from the highest possible point of the machine.