Arctic Thunder Kustoms

'02 Arctic Cat Thundercat


This is where it began. A stock t-cat is a very formidable machine on the trail or lake, but if stock was good enough, you wouldn’t be on this site. This machine is loaded with custom -1 off. parts. On the engine side we kept the  internals stock for trail reliability, but added D+D trail pipes, 01 cdi, K+N filters, v force reeds, timing key for an Awesome running power plant capable of 12mpg – unheard of on a sled of this cc. For the drive train we really stepped it up – this sled crank out 172 hp stock, so with a few power adders bringing it into the mid 180’s, drive train components became taxed quickly. We started by removing the reverse – saves 6lbs of rotating weight in the gear case, and then bolted on a lightweight break rotor.  We bumped up the gear ratio from stock, and added bearcat clutches which add a lower start ration yet shift out further than the stockers. Stock track drivers were tossed in favor over anti-ratchet drivers. The stock 121” track was also replaced with a 136” track for better bite and transfer.  The suspension was completely revamped starting with the front shocks being replaced with fox float air shocks.  The rear skid was brought to the scrap yard and a 07 crossfire sno-pro rear suspension was fitted under the tunnel. Finally the rear tunnel itself was extended to cover the new longer track. It was hand built out of mountain cat parts and aluminum sheet. To crown the sled, all decals were stripped, and it as given the triple black treatment. Everything on the chassis was painted with epoxy black. The hood was base coated black, tribal graphics and flames were laid down, and 12 coats of clear were applied- wet sanded then buffed for maximum gloss and durability. This sled clocked 3000 miles in its maiden makeover season without a single hitch.

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’09 Crossfire 600


We began this project with a brand new stock black & green crossfire. Pretty sweet sled out of the box, but not quite pretty enough for a lady. All green accessories were removed, and replaced with billet aluminum and custom painted purple parts. The hood was stripped and painted purple\black marble with tribal dragonfly design within a black stripe. Vinyl graphics were added to the lower belly pan to tie in the hood and custom seat. The seat itself was raised 2” for a better riding position, and fitted with a heating element for those really cold days. Finally the seat was covered in a multi textured black fabric with a silver tribal design.

2009 Crossfire 600
'05 Sabercat 700

We took the stock sled and blacked out all accessories and added ghost purple pearl flames to the hood.
’09 Crossfire 800 Sno-Pro

We created this project around the idea from a simple word "Knucklehead". We wanted to keep the original Arctic Cat orange incorporated in the design, so we kept the stock orange wheels and made an orange carbon fiber & kevlar windshield.  Next we painted the ribs with a candy orange and added effects to the paint. Then we took our original hand drawn artwork, converted it to a digital file and created the image on the hood. The Knucklehead symbol. To complete the package, we layered photographs and created a winter scene for the sides. All artwork and design layout by Arctic Thunder Kustoms. Vinyl printing and installation outsourced to nhwraps.