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Fits 06/09 650 and 700 models. You must specify when ordering - year, and carb or efi !!!

These are the snorkel kits needed to pull off those You Tube videos, and completely blow your friends away !!! This is a complete snorkel kit. WARRANTED AGAINST BREAKAGE!!!  Much time was spent developing this system with regards to fit and function. These snorkels pull fresh air from the top of the cage. This provides incredibly deep water excursions, as well as allows the engine to draw in the coolest cleanest air. Another big plus is noise is greatly reduced by moving the intake and clutch discharge above your head. It has a deeper growl at full throttle, but all that annoying plastic BUZZING is gone from the cab!!! Notice the clear view through the rear of the machine - there is virtually NO vision obstruction - this is a big plus when negotiating tight trail maneuvers. They are 2 piece so snorkel  so removal is easy for cleaning and maintenance. We have also separated the engine intake from the clutch intake and exhaust. When these three systems are located close together, the hot clutch exhaust could contaminate the intake charge.


We only use ABS pipe. No matter how much you scratch this stuff it will stay black. My system is painted for UV PROTECTION of exposed parts and a clean look. As far as strength, the upper portions are clamped to the stock cage, for a rugged and rattle free installation. The systems themselves are very strong and near impossible to break when properly mounted. This kit will last you many years under normal use. In fact if you break any portion, I will send you a replacement. (up to 1 year from purchase date). The fittings we use are smooth radius/ minimal restriction for maximum cooling efficiency and HP! Other kits using tight radius fittings will rob your machine of power - Like pressure pvc - that stuff is designed for pumping water at high pressure, not feed and engine trying to suck air!!  NOT GOOD!


I am a Master plumber by trade, and have been building custom everything for 20 years. These kits are built with the best workmanship you will find, all pieces are cut on a chop saw - square, then chamfered and beveled for a perfect fit in each fitting. After each section is assembled, it is pressure tested to insure there are no leaks - could you imagine?!? And that's right I said ASSEMBLED!! Your kit will arrive ready to bolt on - no need to buy glue, and align fittings. All you have to do is trim a couple of small areas, which are undetectable as the machine sits. You can do this in about 1-2 hours start to finish and your machine will be ready to go as deep as you dare - you may want to keep a life jacket on board!! My kits are PRE-ASSEMBLED. They are PRESSURE TESTED for reliability. They are custom built to blend in with the stock roll bars. Simply put, they are THE best!! Oh and free shipping - no hidden cost!!

No jetting required if you order the standard kit which is advertized here. It is equipped with a special restrictor to keep everything stock. If you wish you can order the "tuner" model, in which I will supply jets to tune the carb to run without the restrictor and make more HP than stock. Just add $20 to the purchase price, and specify "tuner model" and approximate elevation you mostly ride when purchasing. 






DISCLAIMER:  Do not operate the machine through water deeper than the manufacture recommends. Any operation beyond the manufactures recommendation is at YOUR OWN RISK. I accept no liability as to the performance of this product, or your safety, it is intended only to convey clean cool air to the machines vitals drawn from the highest possible point of the machine.

NOTE : When installed, there is Slight interference between the bed and the seats. It is very minor and in no way effects tilt operation. It does not rattle, bump or do anything funny, just want to disclose this. This is with the seats all the way back, if you move the seats forward about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch it is a perfect install. My first kit went on a customers machine who was 6' tall and liked the seats all the way back - he had no issue with the install, and agreed there was no ill effect to function.

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