Carbon Fiber Windshields


These are the real deal – No Decals, No Screen Printing, and No Airbrushing. If you’re hard on your machine and tired of breaking windshields, but still want the wind protection they provide, then this is the answer -

Carbon Fiber – Durable, Lightweight. 


ATV\UTV  CV Guards


Tired of tearing off stock guards? These carbon fiber replacements are far superior to plastic and can cover more area while being lighter and tougher than aluminum.


Arctic Thunder Kustoms

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ATV Rear View Mirror

Complete with mounting bracket to mount to roll cage. Holds up well to abusive riding. This is a great affordable alternative to the high end billet aluminum mirrors. The housing is a chrome plated plastic with nice detail. Mounting kit is all metal with stainless hardware.

Aluminum Rack

Aluminum Racks


Can’t find a rack to fit your particular machine or application, I’ve been there. So we take some simple aluminum flat stock, bend it to your specs and custom cut a design that sets it apart. These are hand built to your order!!

KNUCKLEBONES –   Aluminum Hand Guards


These hand guards are designed to protect you from everything Nature has to throw at you – not just cold wind.  How many hand guards have you lost to a tree or rollover? Our Knucklebones start with a solid aluminum “bone” that completely protects the grip with two mounting points, then we add an unbreakable carbon fiber brush deflector to keep you digits cozy.


ATV Snorkel Kits


Serious off-roaders know the importance of a well built snorkel. Our kits are designed to function as well as look good and be as unobtrusive as possible - stealth look. The kits that we currently offer are field tested in real world conditions. Every kit is hand assembled and pressure tested for dependability.

Carbon Fiber Windshield
ATV Rear View Mirror
Grab Grips
Grab Grips

Arctic Thunder Kustoms Grab Grips provide a convenient location for the front passenger to grasp. No more hands on the gas cap or worse, hands on the handle bar.

Grab Grips easily attaches over the gas tank and secures with supplied hardware, yet is removable when not in use.